The establishment of Bodurlar Kimya – from now on will be stated as ‘The Company’ - depends on 1977. The Company has been specialised in production of both home use and industrial cleaning chemicals. With over a quarter century of technological know-how and experience, the Company reflects its knowledge in its products and services. The Company has a consistently upward moving trend in production, marketing & distribution activities within the market.

Bodurlar Kimya have built a modern factory building in the Anatolian side of Ýstanbul in 2001 to bring all the facilities of the Company under one roof. At this new factory, remarkably higher capacities have been achieved and production processes are conducted under high degrees of care using the latest technologies.

Under the brands ‘BODEX’ and ‘MAXEM Chemicals’, Bodurlar Kimya has a production line exceeding 100 various kinds under the following categories;
Kitchen Hygiene Products
Laundry Hygiene Products
General Purpose Cleaners
Personal Care Products
Industrial Hygiene Products

Besides; under the brand ‘Flore Max’, Bodurlar Kimya has began to produce consumer size shelf products.

The most differentiative feature of Bodurlar Kimya is that it is a customer oriented company. All the ‘BODEX’ and ‘MAXEM Chemicals’ branded products are sold under the guarantee of refunding. With this guarantee - which is applied for the first time in Turkey- complete customer satisfaction is realised. In any negative claims about the products, the goods are under the guarantee of either refunding or exchanging.

Bodurlar Kimya is against the consumption economy and is a supporter of conservative consumption. With the ‘HALF IS ENOUGH’ slogan, the company tries to change the habits of its customers and tries to decrease the detergent consumption both for the monetarial & environmental reasons.